My Favourite Vegetarian Cafe

A good vegetarian cafe is a gem, so I was more than a little bit excited when I found one in Kent.

The Wallflower Cafe is vegan and vegetarian friendly, with everything on the menu 100% plant-based. (They also cater for coeliacs.) There’s something for everyone  I’ve taken non-veggie friends there to eat and they always come away feeling slightly amazed that meat-free food could be that good, despite me insisting that there are plenty of options out there.

Sweet potato and avocado wrap

The menu changes seasonally. When I visited last winter I enjoyed a large bowl of creamy roasted cauliflower soup; on this occasion I went for a sweet potato and avocado wrap on the recommendation of my friend Steph. (She thoroughly enjoy her falafel burger with homemade houmous.) The sweetness of the potato, creaminess of the avocado, and crisp salad leaves all complement each other perfectly.

Food is normally served with some of the fresh salads made at the Wallflower  this one contains cauliflower, grains, and sun-dried tomatoes, with a dressing I couldn’t quite identify but which pulled everything together nicely. I think there may have been lemon in it?

Green smoothie

As is becoming habit for me (see here and here!) I ordered a smoothie to go with my food. This one is made from banana, spinach, ginger, and apple, and it’s delicious. None of the flavours overpower each other and there’s enough sweetness from the fruit to balance out the spinach and ginger if you don’t like your smoothies too savoury.

The Wallflower Cafe

It’s not just the food and drink I enjoy. The cafe has a lovely, relaxed atmosphere, the staff are friendly, and I love the mismatched wooden chairs and flowers on the tables. Plus I always feel satisfied after my meal, without being uncomfortably full. My only complaint is that I never have enough room to try any of the cakes from the counter. Maybe one day…

Are there any vegan or vegetarian cafes/restaurants near you? And how do you feel about bringing non-veggie friends with you? Let me know in the comments!