Cruelty-Free Updates and Blog Posts I Loved | May 2017

And just like that, May is over and we’re almost halfway through 2017.

It’s been a difficult month all round, I think, what with General Election nastiness (please vote!) and the horrific events in Manchester last week. Normally I’d do a brief round-up of what I’ve been up to before the post gets started, but today I would like to pay tribute to everyone who’s been affected by the bombings, everyone who lost their lives, and everyone who worked tirelessly in the aftermath  the nurses, doctors, police officers, security guards, taxi drivers, and members of the public who did more than their best to help.

Cruelty-Free Updates

Animal Testing and Botox

This month I found out that botox will have often been tested on animals, specifically mice. The LD50 test looks for the dose of botox that will kill 50% of the mice that are are being tested, and it’s being used even though there’s a humane alternative. Cruelty Free International (our good pals of the Leaping Bunny symbol) have set up a tool you can use to email Ipsen, a botox manufacturer that still uses the LD50 test, to ask them to stop.

Brand New Products From Fairypants

One of my recent discoveries, vegan beauty brand Fairypants, have just launched their new cosmetics bags and they’re also working on some vegan glitter! I’m not the biggest glitter fan but the palette looks absolutely beautiful and I reckon it’d be good fun to use for festival make-up. Head over to their Instagram for a sneak peek!

The Ultimate Holy Grail Make-Up Brush Set

Spectrum, creators of the prettiest make-up brushes in the entire world, have released an incredible set of brushes. Could I bring myself to spend almost £150 on them? Probably not, but then the 35-piece set has everything you’ll ever need, so you could convince yourself it was an investment.

National Vegetarian Week

National Vegetarian Week ran from 15th-21st May, and it was really cool to see so many people trying out vegetarian recipes, talking about going veggie or cutting down on their meat and fish consumption. I celebrated the week with a mini-series of blog posts  click here, here, and here if you fancy a read!

Blog Posts I Loved

I’ve read some wonderful blog posts this month  so many, fact, that I’ve ended up splitting the list into categories. Enjoy!

Cruelty-Free Beauty

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Mental Health

Bloody Hell Brennan  10 Empowering Practices to Boss Your Anxiety

Personal Reflections

Jasmin Charlotte  8 Things I’ve Stopped Apologising For
Jaye Rockett  On Knowing Your Why
Chloe Abigail  12 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Grew Up Wearing Glasses

Politics and Life

KNEL  The Things I Wish I Was Taught At School
Hannah Gale  Why We Need To Think About More Than Just Ourselves


Sailboat  Some Words at a Difficult Time
Sophie Cliff  Love Always Wins