Cruelty-Free Updates & Blog Posts I Loved | June 2017

So it’s the last day of June, we’re officially halfway through 2017, and the theory that time moves faster as you grow older seems to be correct, at least from my perspective. Anyone else?

This month I’ve flip-flopped between being super-motivated and not having the energy to write or engage with social media much. I say that  it’s mainly been the latter. I’m just permanently tired, so I’m more than ready for my summer holidays. A break will be just the breather I need to refresh and refocus and I have lots of plans for new blog content.

Shall we get to it?

The Body Shop Vegan Base Products

Cruelty-Free Updates

NARS Sell Out

I’m starting this month’s cruelty-free updates with some sad news I never thought I would write about: NARS are planning to sell their products in China, which means they will no longer be cruelty-free. They’ve been swiftly removed from my list of cruelty-free brands and while my old blog posts featuring their products will remain live, I’ve gone through them all to put a disclaimer in.

The only positive from this is the response from the cruelty-free community  everyone has been very vocal about their anger and disappointment. Mad as hell but not sure where to begin? Christine from Make Up Guinea Pig has written a wonderful post about what you can do to protest these developments. Sign the petition, send a (polite but strongly worded) tweet, and let them know we’ll be taking our money elsewhere. Goodbye, Sheer Glow in Siberia, you have been the one for me.

L’Oreal Sells The Body Shop to Natura

In happier news, L’Oreal announced they are selling The Body Shop to Natura, a cruelty-free company! This means everyone who’s been avoiding The Body Shop due to their parent company can shop there again and there’ll be another safe bet on the high street. TBS are expanding their range of vegan products too, so fingers crossed they continue with these kinds of changes once Natura take over. I’m hopeful!

Superdrug Relaunch B.

There have been some lovely reviews about B.’s reworked make-up line and I can’t wait to try it out myself. (B. is Superdrug’s own brand make-up and it mysteriously disappeared a while back, only to appear looking better than ever. Like the cosmetic version of a post-break-up makeover.) Everything is vegan, as before, but the packaging is now sleek and stylish and rumour has it the new formulas are pretty damn good. You can shop the new range here.

Blog Posts I Loved

How was June for you? Let me know in the comments!