The Shoestring Chic Spending Ban: Weeks 1&2

Well, the good news is that I haven’t bought any beauty products yet.

The not-so-good news is that I’ve still given in and ordered Deliveroo a couple of times. But there’s a reason for it, I swear! There have been some days when the choice was Deliveroo or don’t eat, and I’m always going to choose food in that situation; I can’t function without it.

Not the strong start I was hoping for, but a reasonable start all the same.

The Shoestring Chic Spending Ban

I’m so proud of myself for not caving in when it comes to beauty. My local supermarket has make-up stands in the middle of the store, so every week when I do my grocery shopping the temptation is right there. I had to buy a new tube of toothpaste the other day and I walked with my eyes firmly on the floor, because if you accidentally make eye contact with one of the salespeople then there’s no escape for you.  

There have been no significant purchases over the last two weeks aside from a birthday present and card for my second cousin Arthur, who turned four last week. He was hilarious  I showed up at the house and sat down with him so he could show me his toys, and he turned to me and said very solemnly, ‘Auntie Beth, I see you have a present for me’. He loved his toy Lightning McQueen, so all was well.

Food-wise, aside from a couple of Deliveroo orders, I did spend my money on going to an iftar recently. It was a special occasion, so it was within the rules of the spending ban, and I’ve never seen so many different vegetarian dishes in one place. I’m always determined to get my money’s worth at a buffet so I tend to go a little bit overboard, but this time I think I managed to pace myself quite well (and I didn’t get a stomach ache afterwards!)

Lessons From Weeks 1&2

  • Homemade food is always preferable to Deliveroo; Deliveroo is always preferable to not eating at all.
  • Take your time at a buffet (but also make sure you’re one of the first people there once it opens, or you’ll spend a lot of time waiting for your hummus).
  • Don’t make eye contact with the staff at beauty stands.

How do you avoid temptation? Let me know in the comments!

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