Eye Pencils for Allergy Sufferers

I love wearing eyeliner, but I also get sore, itchy eyes during the summer months.

(And sometimes during spring, too. Hay fever is not kind.)

This always puts me right off wearing make-up. However, there are days when I quite fancy wearing something a little more dressy, make-up included, and it seems a shame to avoid it solely because of an allergy.

So when I spotted NATOrigin’s Original Pencil Eyeliners* on LoveLula it seemed like the perfect time to try them out. The entire range is hypoallergenic and made especially for sensitive skin and eyes.

NATOrigin’s products are:

  • Cruelty-free
  • Approved by the Vegetarian Society
  • Approved by Allergy UK
  • Certified natural and organic
  • Free from synthetic colours, fragrances, and preservatives
  • Housed in recyclable packaging

Exactly the kind of thing I look for! I decided to try the Original Pencil Eyeliner in Grey and Brown.

NATOrigin Original Pencil Eyeliners

Sensitive Eyes

As both a hay fever sufferer and a contact lens wearer, I know a fair bit about having sore eyes (damn you, grass pollen). Luckily I’ve experienced no irritation whatsoever when I’ve used the NATOrigin pencils.


I chose Grey, which is a very pale grey that looks blue-toned in some lights, and Brown. Brown is a mid-brown and while it’s not as red-toned as some eye pencils, it’s not too ashy either. There’s enough warmth in there for this shade to really make your eye colour pop and it’s very pigmented. Both shades are good everyday neutrals.

NATOrigin Original Pencil Eyeliners


At first these pencils feel a little harder than most, but warm the tip of the pencil up on your skin and suddenly application is a lot smoother. They’re easy to apply and don’t get blunt too quickly. I would recommend using a little brush instead of your fingers if you want to blend the colour out  I’ve found the brush doesn’t tug at the delicate skin round your eyes.

Staying power

The colour doesn’t smudge in the rain (and since this is a UK summer, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to test this out!) It does, however, fade over the course of the day  where it goes, I couldn’t tell you, because I’ve never seen a trace of either shade on my face. Which is strange, because I normally wear the pencil along my lower lashline to add a little bit of definition; you’d think I’d end up with panda eyes. And while I’m very grateful that I’ve never walked around looking like I have the world’s worst dark circles, I’m also mystified. (The colour lasts much longer on the eyelid and upper lashline.)

NATOrigin Original Pencil Eyeliners


The pencils are a pretty teal colour, with each individual shade marked at the end. They’re easy to spot in a make-up bag and the lid is secure.


£7.95 per pencil. Each one contains 1.1g of product.

Pros: Ethical brand with gentle ingredients; hypoallergenic; neutral shades available; pigmented; colour doesn’t smudge in the rain; pretty, secure packaging; less than £10 per pencil

Cons: Grey shade is quite pale; takes a bit of work to blend the colour out if you haven’t warmed the pencil up on the back of your hand before application; colour can fade over the course of the day; contains beewax, so not suitable for vegans

The staying power of these pencils could be much better, but as someone who’s suffered from sore, itchy eyes every summer for her entire adult, make-up wearing life, it’s refreshing to find a cruelty-free pencil that doesn’t irritate them, especially one that costs less than a tenner.

Do you get sensitive eyes in the summer? How do you change your make-up routine? Let me know in the comments!

Product was sent to me by LoveLula for consideration of review. As always, all words and opinion are my own.