Life, Cruelty Free Updates & Blog Posts I Loved | August

It’s nearly September, which means it’s nearly autumn, which means I’m very excited because autumn is my favourite season and always has been.

(As I’m writing this the sky is grey and there’s a chill in the air, so it may as well be autumn already.)

September always feels like a fresh start  appropriate, since I’m trying to make one myself. I’m currently job hunting, car hunting, and finding my feet now I’m back in the UK for good. I’m looking forward to having a routine again; nothing makes me happier than getting organised and taking control of what’s going on in my life.

It’s not all admin though. I had a mini-break to north Wales at the beginning of August and it was exactly what I needed. Good friends, fresh air, beautiful views, gin… what more could you want? We even went on a cross between a rollercoaster and a toboggan through the woods in Betws-y-Coed, something I highly recommend if you’re ever in Snowdonia.

Here’s hoping September brings more laughs, some stability, and those crunchy autumn leaves.

Snowdonia National Park

Cruelty-Free Updates

Fairypants’ Pressed Glitter Palettes Are On Sale Now

After weeks and weeks of teasing, Fairypants finally released their pressed glitter palettes and they look gorgeous. I’ve got my eye on Demeter, which is made up of bronze and gold shades. There’s also Hecate  blacks and greys  and Amphitrite  shades of blue. The palettes cost £15.99 each, are made from cosmetic-standard glitter, and you’ll be supporting one of the loveliest cruelty-free and vegan brands there is. (Not sponsored, I just love them.)

LoveLula Launch Glossworks

If you want your nail polish to be cruelty free and vegan then LoveLula’s new range, Glossworks, is a contender. A capsule collection of reds, nudes, and pinks, Glossworks polishes are 9-free with a gel-like texture and finish. I received Name of the Rose in my August beauty box and I can’t wait to paint my toenails once my current polish chips away.

The UK Government Bans Microbeads

Over a year and a half after Greenpeace started their campaign, the UK government has banned microbeads, which pollute the oceans and cause all kinds of trouble for marine life. All personal care products and cosmetics that contain microbeads have to be off the shelves by 30th June next year, and this could potentially include non-cosmetic products in future. (This article explains in more detail and also discusses the damage caused by single-use plastic.)

Blog Posts I Loved

Katie made a helpful list of foods you might not realise aren’t suitable for vegetarians.

Steph sums up why fitness shouldn’t just be about aesthetics.

Rosie introduced me to the concept of Earth Overshoot Day  the point we use more natural resources than this planet can renew before the end of the year.

Laura’s post about plant-based burgers and nice cream got my mouth watering.

Elle & Company’s guide to planning your work day made me feel motivated in a way I haven’t for a while.

Finally, Dannielle’s love letter to Britain made me happy I decided to stay put.

How was August for you? Let me know in the comments!