February Fixers: Does Green People’s Anti-Blemish Skincare Work?

I don’t know about you, but my skin seems to change with the seasons.

I have an oily T-zone which is prone to acne, and cheeks which hover somewhere between dry and normal (whatever that is), so you’d think that summer would be a nightmare. But my skin always seems to clear up when it’s warmer, although apparently the theory that the sun clears up your acne is a myth.

It’s winter that has a negative effect on my complexion. This winter I’ve battled with large, under the skin bumps, whiteheads, blackheads  some of it hormonal, some of it brought on by stress, all of it exacerbated by the freezing British weather, and all of it making me wish I could stick a brown paper bag over my head and be done with it.

So when Green People got in touch about their February Fixers campaign, I jumped at the chance to try their duo for fixing seasonal spots: the Foaming Facial Wash* (v) and the Zap & Clear Serum* (v).

Green People are an organic, cruelty-free brand, created after its founder, Charlotte, wanted to use gentle products on her daughter’s sensitive skin. Their products are free from SLS, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, alcohol, and synthetic fragrances and colourants, and every year they create Christmas gift sets and donate a percentage of the proceeds to a charity. Basically, their ethics are spot on.

Before I started using the seasonal spots duo, my skin had seen considerable improvements, but was stuck at a halfway stage, where it was noticeably better, but still not completely cleared. Let’s see if the products made a difference.

Green People Foaming Facial Wash (v), £13 for 100ml

I should start by saying that normally foam cleansers are too drying (and I know I’m not alone in this). However. This one is free from harsh sulphates, so I was happy to give it a go.

The Foaming Facial Wash contains:
+ Green tea, a natural cleanser which soothes the appearance of redness
+ Larch tree extracts, which form a breathable layer on the skin to protect against pollutants, reduce water loss, and improve skin texture and balance

Normally I find foaming cleansers too drying, but since this one is free from harsh sulphates I was happy to give it a go. The packaging says it’s suitable for all skin types, but I can only speak from the perspective of someone with sensitive, spot-prone combination skin (I really lucked out, didn’t I?)

I use this cleanser first thing in the morning, and after using my make-up removing cleanser at night. It feels very, very light on the skin  barely there, almost, when you massage it into the skin  and rinses easily with the help of warm water and a flannel.

The larch tree extracts leave a layer on your skin, which I wasn’t too sure about, but it’s not even noticeable – it doesn’t feel like there’s a film on your face, or anything like that. In fact, after using the cleanser my skin feels clean and there’s no dryness. The redness in my complexion is fading away and my last few stubborn blemishes are finally starting to shrink. Fingers crossed things stay that way.

Green People Zap & Clear Serum (v), £13.50 for 10ml

I think of this as more of a treatment than a serum, partly due to the little tube package, partly because the product sits better over moisturiser, not under it.

The Zap & Clear Serum contains:
+ Black willow bark, a natural exfoliant which increases cell turnover and works against bacteria that  causes acne
+ Rosemary and chamomile extracts, which are anti-inflammatory
+ Lavender, lemongrass, geranium, and tea tree, which are cleansing, anti-bacterial, and balance oil production

The serum has a gel texture, but it doesn’t get sticky or pill into little balls if you accidentally use too much. Make sure it’s fully absorbed into the skin before you apply make-up, or it peels off in patches and takes your foundation with it.

The gel doesn’t sting, it just does its job without any fuss. I’ve been putting it on the stubborn spots around my hairline and although they’re not quite gone yet, they’ve reduced in size and are gradually fading away to nothing.

I like the tube because it’s more hygienic than a pot, and also because it’s a good handbag size, although I’d be lying if I said I ever remembered to use it when I’m on the go. The thought was there, at least…

So, would I recommend Green People’s seasonal spots products? Definitely. They’re gentle but they do the job, and they tick practically every cruelty-free box going.

What are your favourite spot-busting products? Let me know in the comments.

(v) = vegan

*Products were sent to me by Green People for consideration of review. As always, all words and opinions are my own.

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