Toasty is Going on Hiatus

This has been a long time coming.

I thought I’d be able to balance blogging and working full-time  I’ve done it before  but it turns out when you spend your day writing, it’s the last thing you want to do when you get home.

Bear has no relevance to this post, but he’s adorable and we all need more puppy pictures in our lives, so in he goes.

I’ve also been stuck in a bit of a rut. I took advantage of Jasmin’s coaching services at the end of 2017, and although I’ve slowly started sorting out everything she’s recommended, I want to be able to focus on making the changes without worrying about what to post next.

(Side note: The Blog Audit is fab  insightful and easy to follow  and Jasmin is beyond lovely, so I would thoroughly recommend it if you’re not sure of your next blogging steps.)

Most of all, I want to give my brain a breather. I like to think I can juggle everything and I can be very hard on myself if that doesn’t happen, but sometimes something has to give  and at the moment, that something is blogging. For now. I’m hoping to be back once I get everything from the audit done. And of course, I’ll still be on Twitter and Instagram (and trying to read everything on my Bloglovin feed!)

I’ll see you all on the other side xx