A New Approach to Blogging

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I expected to be back sooner than this, but I haven’t put any pressure on myself  turns out I really needed a break. I’ve had time to read, write, travel, rest, and just get a bit of motivation back.

(I also got the ends of my hair lightened and joined a yoga class. It all feels very new years resolution-like, but with better weather.)

As for blogging, it’s only by giving myself some space from it that I’ve realised a) it’s still important to me and b) I want to take a new approach to it.

Preparing to blog again

I’ve been reading a lot about consumerism lately. It’s so ingrained in our society  the must-buys, the sales, the need-it-now mentality  that it’s not always noticed or talked about (although I have noticed a slight shift recently). But once you start looking into it and thinking about everything you buy and throw away, it can be unnerving.

I’m trying to be more careful about the things I purchase; gone are the days when I’d impulse-buy products for this blog. And that’ll feed into the posts I publish.

Pretty sure I was contemplating whether or not to come back to the UK. Tuscany was beautiful.

My new approach

I want this to be a space where you can learn about cruelty-free beauty, whether you’re a newbie or have been avoiding animal-tested products for a while. I’ll be focusing less on new products and more on using what you already have. You’ll still be able to read reviews and recommendations, but they won’t be as frequent as before. If something doesn’t add value to my life and I don’t think other people will benefit from hearing about it, I won’t buy it, accept a sample of it, or write about it.

This is a lifestyle blog, so I’ll also talk about vegan and vegetarian food, minimalism, my attempts to be low waste, and my efforts to shop in a more sustainable way.

I’ve always thought of beauty as my main topic, and it was once, but looking back (as part of Jasmin’s blog audit) it was the rambly life posts I enjoyed re-reading most, so there might be some of those too.

I read some wonderful blogs about sustainable living. However, most of them seem to be written by people who are cohabiting/married and maybe have kids; they have roots and a lot more disposable income than I do. I’ll be offering the single, twenty-something perspective  definitely an adult, bumbling along, not quite settled and not quite sure.

I also want to try and take all experiences into account, whether that’s by using inclusive language or considering the challenges others might face (the plastic straw row springs to mind). Being able to make these lifestyle choices is a privilege. I’m well aware my perspective is that of an able-bodied white women who has a regular income and no mouths to feed, and as Sara Pascoe says in her brilliant book, Animal, I’ve forgiven myself for that.

However, that doesn’t mean I can then disregard different experiences to my own. I can’t speak for others because it’s not my place to do so, but I can try to be as inclusive as possible.


Where I’m at

  • I’ve been cruelty free for over four years and vegetarian for nearly two. I eat a vegan diet most of the time.
  • I believe in the minimalist idea of only buying things you’ll get use out of and which add value to your life, but I’m struggling to fully embrace this. (I come from a family of hoarders and it’s not an easy habit to break.)
  • I own a reusable water bottle, take canvas bags everywhere and always recycle. I could still do more to cut down on waste.
  • I’m trying to buy fewer clothes, shoes, accessories etc and buy them from ethical, sustainable companies or charity shops. It’s a work in progress.

I’m still learning about all these ways of living, so I’ll be picking things up as I go and documenting my discoveries here. Perfection is impossible but doing something is better than doing nothing, and I hope you get something helpful out of this blog, no matter what stage you’re at. Everyone’s welcome.

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