Goals For 2019

I’ve spent most of this week in a festive haze, eating copious amounts of food, catching up with friends and relatives, and curling up in an armchair to re-read the Harry Potter series from underneath a blanket. It’s been cosy and slow-moving, and I’ve enjoyed myself immensely, but it also means the prospect of a new year isn’t something I’ve thought aboutuntil now.

I’ve struggled to think of goals this year; I considered not making any at all. But I function best when I have something to work towards (even if it’s small). So here are five goals I hope to achieve in 2019, plus the reasons I chose them.

Admiring the views in Florence

Go on holiday abroad with my best pals

Most of us have been on holidays together as part of larger groups, but never just the four of us, which is odd when you consider how much we all enjoy travelling. We’re hoping the timing is finally right in 2019. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a city break and I’m already searching for inspiration on Pinterest…

Go on more trips in the UK

I went a few mini staycations in 2018, including a visit to Brighton and a night away in the northern countryside for a friend’s birthday. We used to holiday in the UK all the time when I was a kid, which means I’m lucky to have seen a lot of it, but there are still plenty more places to explore. Liverpool, Edinburgh, and Pembrokeshire are top of the list, and I’d also like to visit York, Bath and Cardiff again. All recommendations welcome in the comments.

Read more than 40 books

I read 40 books in 2018, smashing 2017’s record of 32, but there were long periods where I didn’t have a book on the go. I can definitely read more, especially now I visit my local library on a regular basis. I’m going to try and switch late-night social media scrolling for reading non-fiction instead.

Start painting and drawing again

I doodled constantly when I was growing up, but lack of time (and the sting of a failed art A-level) meant I gradually stopped. Watching Lucie Fink’s videos on the Refinery29 YouTube channel has helped me realise how much I miss it (she’s into calligraphy and is always creating cool pages in her bullet journal) and I want to get arty again. No pressure, just some downtime spent having fun with a sketchbook.

Dedicate more time to creative writing

I always think I could be doing more of my own writing outside of work, and then another, more pressing responsibility comes along and I take care of that instead. The most difficult part for me has always been sitting down to get it done, partly because of that and partly because of nagging self-doubt. However, I’m not going to write a bookor even a short storyif I don’t put the work in. I’m hoping a return to pen and paper and some scheduled writing time will help me ease back into it.

Do you set yourself goals for the new year? Is there anything you’d really like to do in 2019? Let me know in the comments, and Happy New Year to you all!